About Nonprofit Recognition Day – October 5, 2021

Thank you...for your relentless belief in and commitment to making Toronto a better place for us all. When times are tough, the not-for-profit sector does not scale back. It builds, grows, and creates. And for this, we thank you."

— Cllr Josh Matlow in Council Chamber, City Hall, Not-for-Profit Recognition Day 2019


The nonprofit sector in Toronto has a considerable impact on the city’s economic and social health. According to the City of Toronto, the nonprofit sector generates more than $14 billion in annual revenues, represents over 8% of Toronto’s GDP, and employs over 105,000 full-time workers. It is estimated that there are 14,000 organizations in the Greater Toronto Area that belong to this sector.

Nonprofits and COVID-19


The nonprofit sector, and in particular, grassroots organizations, collectives, and community groups, played a critical role during the pandemic, providing necessary and life saving services to residents across the city. They were able to react and respond to emergent issues in ways the public sector was not thanks to flexible structures and deep connections with communities and individuals.



Throughout the pandemic, the nonprofit sector met increased demand for services while simultaneously absorbing severe losses in revenue. Meeting this challenge took a toll on the sector and the wellbeing of sector employees and volunteers. Nonprofit Recognition 2021 is all about honouring their work and the impact nonprofit, grassroots, collectives, and community groups have had in keeping Torontonians safe, housed, and well throughout the pandemic. On October 5th, add your voice to the campaign and share your story here.

Grassroots organizations and groups continue to fill critical gaps and support the community. Without a thriving nonprofit sector, post pandemic Toronto will be a much less vibrant place. That’s why the nonprofit sector must be incorporated as a key pillar in recovery efforts. Learn more about our calls to action here.