Nonprofit Sector Appreciation Week 2022

After receiving Royal Assent with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario, Bill-9 proclaims that the third week in February each year is now Ontario’s Nonprofit Sector Appreciation Week. The first ever Nonprofit Sector Appreciation Week will take place from February 14–20, 2022.

This celebration recognizes a wide array of work that transforms the lives of individuals, families, and communities across Ontario. The ongoing pandemic highlights the essential role that nonprofit staff and volunteers play in supporting our province’s most vulnerable and marginalized residents, and in their collective contribution to making our communities vibrant and connected places to live.

Impact in Toronto

Toronto is uplifted by nonprofits. The City of Toronto is home to more than 14,000 nonprofit organizations operating across diverse disciplines. They generate more than 8% of the City’s GDP and are at the forefront of ensuring Torontonians are safe, fed, and housed during the pandemic. Without a thriving nonprofit sector, Toronto would be a much less vibrant place.

Relentlessly stepping up. Nonprofits, their staff, and volunteers, enrich our quality of life by promoting mental and physical health, social equity, education, the arts, sports and recreation, the environment, child development, senior care, and much more. Almost two-thirds of nonprofits in Toronto during the pandemic reported an increase in demand for programs and services with a lack of resources, while half reported pandemic-related losses in revenue. Despite these challenges, sector staff and volunteers continue to deliver programs, providing necessary and lifesaving support.

Appreciation is more than saying thanks. Nonprofits, collectives, and volunteer-led groups require resources, budget flexibility to shift funds, and targeted policies to include nonprofits that have been impacted by closures. The sector needs these changes to keep people safe, fed, housed today, and to ensure they can continue this work well into the future. With a provincial election less than six months away, we call on elected officials and parties to prioritize the nonprofit sector and recognize our contributions in their platforms.

Calls to Action

  1. REVIEW & SHARE the Ontario Nonprofit Network’s full letter to the Government of Ontario. Click here to access.

  2. HIGHLIGHT what real appreciation means to your organization, collective or volunteer-led group between February 14–20, 2022. Advocate for the resources, flexibility, and policies that you need to serve the community as we prepare for the upcoming provincial election. Click here to find the contact information for the elected MPP (Member of Provincial Parliament) in your constituency.

  3. CELEBRATE and share stories or resources that recognize the critical role staff and volunteers play in your organization.

Engage with Toronto Nonprofit Network

Toronto Nonprofit Network knows organizations, collectives and volunteer-led groups are at the forefront of combatting COVID-19 and serving residents across the city. We want to advocate for needs and amplify stories so that the sector’s voices and concerns are centralized in the City of Toronto’s and Government of Ontario’s recovery plans. Tag us on Twitter (@TOnonprofits) and LinkedIn (@Toronto Nonprofit Network) throughout Nonprofit Sector Appreciation Week and we will engage with your posts.

If you have any questions on how to participate, send us a message at @[email protected]


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