Nonprofit Sector Appreciation Week 2023

Join us in recognizing the second ever Nonprofit Sector Appreciation Week from February 13th to 19th. Championed by MPP Daisy Wai and the Bhayana Family Foundation, the Nonprofit Sector Appreciation Week Act, or Bill 9, was given Royal Assent in 2021.

The Act proclaims that nonprofits “serve millions of Ontarians every year in every corner of the province. Their work is indispensable and heroic, but it is all too often invisible. Their public service deserves to be recognized and honoured.”


Contributes to our economy. The City of Toronto is home to more than 14,000 nonprofits. These organizations engage 105,000 full-time workers and 100,000 part-time workers, while volunteers contribute over 1.7 billion hours each year. Though government investments account for only 7% of their total revenue, nonprofits generate more than 8% of the city’s GDP.

Enriches our lives. Nonprofits are at the forefront of the fight to ensure that Torontonians of all ages and backgrounds are safe, healthy, housed, and employed. Beyond the essentials, they enhance our quality of life by providing education, funding the arts, organizing sports leagues and recreational programs, protecting the environment, and so much more.

Has shown resiliency. Almost two-thirds of nonprofits in Toronto reported increased demand for their services during the pandemic, while 80% reported increased costs. As of late 2022, 75% of nonprofits have struggled to recruit or retain staff because of burnout, while 40% have had trouble bringing back volunteers. Despite these challenges, sector staff and volunteers continue to deliver life-saving programs.


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