recognition day 2022


On behalf of Toronto City Council, Mayor John Tory has proclaimed October 5, 2022 as Nonprofit Recognition Day in the City of Toronto.  

Toronto is home to over 14,000 non-profit and grassroots organizations whose missions, services, and programs range from health and social services to civic engagement, arts and culture, environmental protection, sports and recreation and more. They help serve our entire city, delivering vital support to individuals, communities, youth, seniors, locals and newcomers.  

Toronto Nonprofit Recognition Day is an opportunity to recognize the transformational role nonprofits, grassroots groups and collectives hold in Toronto, making the city a vibrant, connected, safe and healthier place to live. 


Toronto nonprofits are there for those who need it. Nonprofits provide essential services in mental and physical health, food and housing security, social equity, education, child development, senior care, and much more. Almost 75% of nonprofits in Toronto reported an increase in demand for programs and services in 2022, yet 80% face increasing costs and ongoing barriers related to accessing operational space long-term (ONN, 2022). Despite these challenges, sector staff and volunteers continue to deliver programs, providing necessary and lifesaving support. 

Toronto nonprofits drive community vibrancy. In many ways, nonprofits and their volunteers are at the core of our city’s recreation and arts programming, religious institutions, cultural celebrations, and community events. Throughout the pandemic, nonprofits have adapted to keep community connections open, but as in person programs return, so does more opportunity to bring back the initiatives that build vibrancy and foster belonging for all.   

Toronto nonprofits need sustainable space solutions. Amplified as a result of the pandemic, nonprofits are being forced out of their neighbourhoods or closing at an alarming rate due to commercial landlords raising rents. Torontonians deserve to live within walking distance of nonprofit organizations that deliver services to bring people together, make Toronto dynamic, healthy and vibrant.  

The Toronto Nonprofit Network is advocating for spatial justice to uplift the sustainability of nonprofits in our society given that 71% of nonprofits report their ability to operate is dependent on access to either free, subsidized or discounted rent or operational costs (TNN, 2020).  


Toronto Nonprofit Recognition Day is an opportunity to recognize the role of nonprofits, grassroots groups and collectives in Toronto as essential service providers and enablers of community vibrancy. It’s also an opportunity to advocate for the needs of the sector, with a focus on spatial justice, as we look to the long-term future of keeping services active.  

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