Share Your Story

How Did Your Organization Help People During COVID?

We know grassroots, community groups, collectives, and nonprofits are at the forefront of combatting COVID-19 and serving residents across the city. We want to amplify your stories and share the impacts of your work so that the voices and concerns of nonprofits and grassroots organizations are centralized in the City of Toronto’s recovery plans.

How To Participate

On October 5th, we want to hear and capture as many stories as possible about how nonprofit, community groups, collectives,  and grassroots organizations are rising to the challenge of combatting COVID-19 and serving their communities. There are a few different ways your can participate in Nonprofit Recognition Day 2021:

1. Use the hashtag #TONonProfitDay, share images of your completed Nonprofit Day 2021 storytelling prompts on whatever social media platforms your organization uses. (Print and fill them out, or use photo editing software to complete the prompts right in the digital images.) Download them here.

2. Answer on social media the storytelling prompts using the images below, along with the hashtag #TONonProfitDay

3. Share videos, images, testimonials or reports that capture the work your organization, group or collective did during the pandemic using the hashtag #TONonProfitDay







If you have any questions on how to participate, send us a message at [email protected].