The Toronto Nonprofit Network (TNN) provides an amplified voice for Toronto’s diverse public benefit sector to create an enabling environment and influence systemic change  on issues that are relevant to the nonprofit sector and are unique to the size, diversity and geography of Toronto.

TNN has secured one-time funding to hire a new Director to lead and support TNN strategic activities for a 12-month period, starting in early 2021. Full details below. 


Working under the guidance of the TNN Steering Committee or its designates, this position will work to advance the TNN’s proposed strategic activities and will complete specific deliverables on behalf of the TNN as follows:


1. Increase the membership to build a network of networks across subsectors.

2. Engage network membership to co-create a policy landscape enabling nonprofit organizations across Toronto to sustain and maximize their contributions to public benefit.

3. Build sector capacity to collaborate in system-level policy creation and planning with the City and other partners to drive system changes that support community sustainability and resiliency.

4. Shape and implement a communications and media strategy popularizing the contributions of the public benefit sector in Toronto and demonstrating that it is an essential service for community wellbeing.

5. Support nonprofit constellations engaged in social purpose real estate and community space issues and opportunities.

6. Build and maintain communications channels to inform and engage the network membership to strengthen our participation in co-creating an enabling environment for nonprofits.

7. Build a strong administrative platform with funding and support to carry out TNN’s strategic priorities.


  • commitment to anti-oppression, equity and diversity principles and processes, and demonstrated leadership in this regard
  • deep knowledge of Toronto nonprofit sector's scope, diversity and impacts (across subsectors, and as a whole)
  • ability to articulate a vision of the public benefit sector as a central contributor to community well-being, and associated leadership capacity
  • Ability to identify, procure, manage and coordinate the results of a multi-disciplinary team as may be required to complete the desired deliverables
  • demonstrated capacity for strategic thinking
  • strong government relations and communications expertise, with a
  • demonstrated understanding of the complexity of networking, and experience developing and implementing strategies to build networks that honour diverse perspectives, hold the tensions of sometimes conflicting interests, and find commonalities to amplify collective power


To be determined based upon candidate skills and experience.


To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to [email protected] by December 15, 2020, outlining your skills and experience, any other relevant background, and why you are interested in the role.

We appreciate all applications. Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted. Thank you!


— Toronto Nonprofit Network Steering Committee