How to Participate in Not-for-Profit Recognition Day

Participate as much or as little as you can. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Sign up to receive supports including signage and Twitter content and training.

2. Learn to talk about the sector's public benefit. 

Toronto’s community-based, nonprofit organizations range from health and social services to civic engagement, equity and diversity, arts and culture, environmental protection, sports and recreation, and much more — but all have care and service to Torontonians as a core value.

The nonprofit sector provides immense public benefit by working to build a better city. It is:

  • key to Toronto’s economy, generating revenues of at least $14 billion annually (double the impact of the tourism sector) and over 8% of our GDP, and providing meaningful work for thousands of people
  • a smart investment of municipal funds — nonprofit organizations help Torontonians live life well
  • the sector that generates smart solutions that put people first
  • the sector that builds stronger communities by responding to community needs
  • key to strengthening democracy by holding decision-makers accountable to all residents and ensuring that the voices of those experiencing social barriers such as poverty are heard.

3. Learn to talk about your organization's public benefit. 

Complete this sentence: We build a better city by ____________________________.

Need ideas? The Ontario Nonprofit Network has some greats tips for talking about your organization’s impact. Here’s an example:

Our program helps [who?] people with intellectual disabilities [accomplish what?] develop life goals and access the supports they need to move forward on those goals. For example, we had [give concrete example of impact] one participant who used the plan we helped her develop to get a job working with one of our partners.”